For over 30 years, we've been mixing sound for international recording artists' and performers at major music events, with vast experience in producing personalised in-ear audio profiles, to make sure they enjoy every moment onstage.
Now, with exclusive and bespoke technologies and vibrotactile systems, it's time to take a huge leap forward, push the boundaries of accessible audio, and really shake things up.

Put it all together and you hear and feel the music. The real power of this technology comes when you




David Allison, BBC Radio Scotland



If I'm normally with just my hearing aids, then I don't get this kind of experience, but it's excellent. It feels like I'm actually


Keith Matheson, Hearing Impaired Customer

The potential is limitless and something that can be rolled out for various events to hundreds, if not


Al Thomson, Director, Unique Events
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SoundSense is helping to build a community focused on delivering new technologies to support venues, promoters, event organisers and performers achieve their ambitions of improving accessibility. 
Armed with an  'Outstanding Attitude Award' for Tech Innovation, we offer a range of exclusive products and services guaranteed to deliver robust and dependable sonic superiority.
Discover a truly accessible, immersive, future proof experience for your venue and contact us to arrange a personal demonstration.
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We are committed to breaking down barriers and supporting access to live music and mental health services in Scotland